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Business Idea

In 2019, a tourist asked me if there is any way of leaving his luggage around Nyabugogo, before visiting Gisozi memorial center because he was supposed to go to Musanze in the afternoon, however there was no way for that. 

Travelers in Kigali and other secondary cities often find themselves without an easy way to tote around the luggage that they need on a trip, and they don’t have alternative options a way to safely store their luggage so that they don’t have to carry it with them for a short period of time, and this often they have many stresses while they’re traveling. And this was a problem for them because there was no any direct business in Rwanda which could help those people to be stable and enjoying their journey. 

Ikaze Luggage Storage is here as solution that came to put a dot to stress and anxiety for travelers . Offer trusted luggage storage, pickup&delivery, and moving services to individual and corporate clients, and also work hard to meet and surpass clients’ expectations.

To build a standard and well secured luggage storage and make forwarding luggage part of every trip so that travelers can enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

To improve the travel experience by providing the most reliable, client-friendly, and affordable luggage storage and door-to-door luggage delivery solution available in Rwanda for travellers who value service.